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Expat Relationships

There are many benefits and advantages of being an Expat or Nomad. There can also be the potential for your relationship to experience stresses and strains.

One of you might be staying behind at home and the other away in another country. You might be feeling lonely and wondering what the other person is doing and feeling about the relationship.

You could both be together overseas but you don’t have friends and family around with whom you feel you can talk to. Or you don’t want to trouble them and feel isolated.

Expat couples may be living and working in different countries.  There may be the pain and loneliness of separation interspersed with the anticipation of a loving reunion.

You may be an expat living abroad an in relationship with a person on that country. Couples from different countries can be torn between family, friends and culture. Where do you live and build a future together?

Expats and Culture

Differences in culture can be new and exciting sometimes liberating. Unfortunately, different cultures may impact on us negatively immediately or over time.

In some countries the norm is to do things as a couple meeting up with other couples. In other countries invitations may be to the individual person and their partner is not included. The norm being each person has their own group of friends and they don’t overlap. This might result in an expectation for you partner to attend a function they have no interest in or for you not to include your partner to include you in something you would like to be involved.

Attitudes to genders can vary greatly from country to country even between town and country. Equality, equity and respect may be the norm where you were bought up and then you move to a country where men, women and trans people are treated very differently. Your sexuality might be something you feel comfortable expressing in your home country now that might lead to you being ostracised, ridiculed or imprisoned for.

Fitting in for one person might be easy and feel comfortable. For another they may feel awkward and uncomfortable like a fish out of water.

Culture has a big influence on individuals and couples which in turn can enhance a relationship or put strain on it


Recognising you need help can take some time with so many demands on your time, expectations of others and day to day responsibilities. When overseas first we can get swept up in the culture, language, new sights and sounds.

Distracted by what is going on around us we might not pay so much attention to our relationship inadvertently neglecting our partner or we might even have a greater relience than normal on them.

The availability of online therapy for expats enables convinient and fast access to qualified therapists who can provide you with the help and support you need. If it is couples counselling you require then this can be provided even if you are both in different locations.

Online couples counselling and relationship therapy for expats is provided on the basis that these services are being undertaken in accordance with UK laws and any disputes will be subject UK law.